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Draudzes Ziņas
2019.  g.  novembris - decembris

3. novembris Dievkalpojums ar Sv. Vakarēdienu plkst. 11:00

Ticības atjaunošanas diena – Reformācijas sv plkst. 11:00
10. novembris Dievkalpojums – Laju vadībā plkst. 11:00

Lāčplēšu dienas atcere
17. novembris
Dievkalpojums nenotiks

svētdien Valsts svētku svinības – Brīvo Latvju Biedrībā plkst. 1’os pp
18. novembris
Ekumēniskais Valsts Svētku dievkalpojums plkst. 7’os vakarā

24. novembris
Dievkalpojums ar Sv. Vakarēdienu
plkst. 11:00

Mirušo Piemiņas diena
1.  decembris 1. Adventa dievkalpojums plkst. 11:00

Angļu valodā ar Sv. Vakarēdienu
8. decembris
2. Adventa dievkalpojums plkst. 11:00
15. decembris 3. Adventa - svētbrīdis skolas izkārtojumā plkst. 11:00

seko skolas eglīte

3. Adventa dievkalpojums Vilmingtonā plkst. 3’os pp

Good Shepherd baznīcā, 1530 Foulk Road, Rt 261, Wilmington
22. decembris 4. Adventa – korāļu dievkalpojums  plkst 11:00

seko Dievnama pušķošana

Atzīmēšanai kalendāros – 
8. decembrī
Filadelfijas latviešu koncertkora Ziemsvētku koncerts - plkst 5’os   Sv. Jāņa draudzes baznīcā
12. decembrī Piparkūku cepšana – sāksies plkst. 9:30 draudzes namā

                    Church events in calendar format (click image to view):
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                    Worship Services and Special Events
                            November & December 2019
       All Services Begin at 11 O'clock Unless Noted Otherwise

3 Nov * Latvian Service with Holy Communion (Reformation)
10 Nov  * Latvian Service led by a member of our Congregation
17 Nov
All are invited to attend the Latvian Independence Day celebration at the Latvian Society in Philadelphia at 1 P.M.
18 Nov
 * Ecumenical Latvian Independence Day Service at our Church at 7 P.M.
24 Nov  * Latvian Service with Holy Communion
1 Dec  * First Advent English Service with Holy Communion
8 Dec  * Second Advent Latvian Service at 11 A.M.
   Christmas Choral Concert at our Church at 5 P.M.
 15 Dec  * Brief Third Advent Service at our Church at 11 A.M.
followed by the Latvian School’s Christmas Celebration
 * Third Advent Latvian Service in Wilmington, DE at 3 P.M.
Church of the Good Shepherd, 1530 Foulk Road (Route 261)
22 Dec  * Fourth Advent Latvian Service (with emphasis on chorals) after which, all are invited to help decorate our Church for  the Christmas service


Latvian School Calendar and Events:

Latvian School classes are in Latvian and in English.   

There are many special events to look forward to.   These include a skerslu gajiens (treasure hunt), celebrating Martini (an ancient tradition similar to Halloween), baking piparkukas (spice cookies) before Christmas, and using onion skins and spring flowers to color Easter eggs.    There is an annual ski trip to the Catskill Mountains.

Our schedule for Fall 2019/ Spring 2020 will be finalized late August.    School is held on some Saturday and some Sundays.    If you can not make a regular commitment to Latvian School but still want to connect with the Latvian community, we welcome you to our special events.   Feel free to contact Silvija at LatvianSchool@LatvianLuthChurchPhila.org if you have any questions or if you would like to join us!