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         Worship Services and Special Events June 2018 - July 2018 (plus August preview)
              Please note that we will switch to "summer hours" starting June 24.

June 3   -          English Service with Holy Communion at 11 o'clock
June 10 -          Latvian Service with Holy Communion at 11 o'clock,
                              including the Confirmation of three new Church members
June 17 -          Ecumenical Latvian Deportee Memorial Service at 11 o'clock
June 24 -          Latvian Service at 10 o'clock
July 8   -          Latvian Service with Holy Communion at 10 o'clock 
July 15 -          Latvian Service at 10 o'clock
July 22 -          Latvian Service with Holy Communion at 10 o'clock  
July 29 -          NO SERVICE AT OUR CHURCH

                                      For your future planning  
On August 5, there will be an English Service with Holy Communion at 10 o'clock.  
On August 12, there will be a Latvian Service at 10 o'clock  
On August 19, there will be a short memorial service at the Glenwood cemetery (11 A.M.) and Montrose cemetery (12 P.M.).       There will be no service at our Church. 
On August 26, there will be a Latvian Service with Holy Communion at 10 o'clock - followed by our mid-year informational meeting and picnic

 Latvian School Calendar and Events:

Latvian School.  Our school gives children, and their parents, the opportunity to connect with their Latvian roots.   We work hard to give all children a sense of their history and cultural traditions through dance, song and Latvian celebrations.    Classes are in Latvian and in English.    Children who have learned to speak Latvian at home continue to develop their language skills by reading and writing in Latvian.    Language learners acquire new vocabulary in classes that teach basic conversation as well as history and cultural traditions.

There are many special events to look forward to.   These include a skerslu gajiens (treasure hunt), celebrating Martini (an ancient tradition similar to Halloween), baking piparkukas (spice cookies) before Christmas, and using onion skins and spring flowers to color Easter eggs.    There is an annual ski trip to the Catskill Mountains.

Please check our calendar for dates (below).    School is held on some Saturdays, some Sundays,  to accommodate busy family schedules.    If you can not make a regular commitment to Latvian School but still want to connect with the Latvian community, we welcome you to our special events.       Contact Silvija at LatvianSchool@LatvianLuthChurchPhila.org if you have any questions or if you would like to join us!   

Skolas kalendars 2017-2018 m.g.  
   9. skola
 16 . skola
 23. skola  
  1. Plaujas svetki kopa ar draudzi
  7.   Brivdiena
14. skola
 21. skola
 28. skola  
  4. skola
 12.  Martindiena kopa ar draudzi
 18.  BLB
 25.  brivdiena  
  2.  brivdiena
  9.  skola
 17.  Eglite kopa ar draudzi
 23.  brivdiena
 30. brivdiena                            
  6. skola
 13.  brivdiena
 20.  skola
 28.  Draudzigais aicinajums kopa ar draudzi  
  3. skola
 10. skola
 17.  brivdiena
 24. skola  
  3. skola
 10. skola
 17. skola
 24. skola
 31.  brivdiena  
  7.  brivdiena
 14.  skola
 21. skola
 28. skola  
  5. izlaidums kopa ar draudzi